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The conflict in Ukraine and its impact on organized crime and security

The conflict in Ukraine and its impact on organized crime and security

A snapshot of key trends


This report assesses the impact of the conflict in Ukraine and its implications for organized crime and security-related issues for neighbouring countries, with a focus on Moldova. These include:

  1. Organized crime and illicit trafficking (including trafficking in persons, drugs, arms, illicit tobacco, and other goods);
  2.  Cybercrimes and fraud;
  3.  Disinformation and propaganda; and
  4. Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) threats.

This study provides key recommendations to inform concerned stakeholders at the national and regional levels to identify lessons learned and guide future initiatives to mitigate risks in the above-mentioned areas.

UNICRI has been present in Ukraine and in the European Union’s Eastern Partnership countries for over 50 years, working closely with governmental and non-governmental entities at the national and regional levels. In March 2022, UNICRI responded to a request from Moldova’s Ministry of Internal Affairs to identify key priority needs to support the design and implementation of an integrated security strategy to respond to the evolving regional security context. Through this assessment of new and nuanced security threats exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine, UNICRI launched this research to assist all key stakeholders involved in justice, crime prevention, and security-related matters in the region.

The multiple and evolving challenges outlined in this report call for urgent common action. Regional cooperation is key as the challenges are common across the region. As transnational crime groups are increasingly outpacing national criminal justice responses, border law enforcement agencies need to improve cooperation and communication across borders and in the region to share real-time information and intelligence on criminal activities and trafficking routes.

UNICRI will continue to leverage its expertise with the aim of advancing knowledge and capacities to tackle new crimes and security-related trends and to tailor appropriate interventions.

Download the Report here.


Photo credits: @Brendan Hoffman/Mercy Corps