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Webinar on responsible AI innovation in law enforcement

Successful conclusion of the webinar on responsible AI innovation in law enforcement


The third session of UNICRI’s global pilot training series on Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation in Law Enforcement successfully concluded, with the remarkable participation of 250 law enforcement representatives from across Europe. The webinar, titled "An Introduction to the Toolkit for Responsible Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Law Enforcement," took place on 13 November 2023 and was co-organzied by UNICRI, INTERPOL and CEPOL.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology becomes increasingly prevalent in law enforcement across the European Union (EU) and agencies are required to prepare for a changing regulatory landscape, it is essential to support them in adopting responsible AI innovation practices and processes.

The focus of the training was the introduction of the Toolkit for Responsible AI Innovation in Law Enforcement to European law enforcement officers. Developed as a joint effort by UNICRI's Centre for AI and Robotics and the INTERPOL Innovation Centre, the AI Toolkit is a specialized and tailor-made collection of resources aimed at supporting law enforcement agencies to navigate the complex task of institutionalizing responsible AI and integrating AI systems into their work. It is intended to support agencies to both leverage the opportunities and tackle the challenges that AI presents.

During the webinar, UNICRI and INTERPOL provided practical insights on organizational resilience for an ethical and human rights-compliant engagement with AI. Participants (including police officers, border guards, customs, and others) gained valuable knowledge on the development, procurement, and deployment of AI systems in a responsible manner.

The event was hosted by the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), and UNICRI would like to express gratitude to CEPOL for providing a platform for this crucial initiative. We also extend our appreciation to our partners at INTERPOL for their continuous cooperation in this joint endeavor. As we look forward to 2024, there is more to come in our collaborative efforts to advance Responsible AI Innovation in Law Enforcement.