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Cultural Heritage

Specialized Course on Cultural Heritage, Crime and Security: Protecting our Past to Invest in our Future. Application deadline: 6 December 2020

Application deadline: 6 December 2020

Turin, Italy -


The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), in cooperation with the American University of Rome (AUR), is organizing the first edition of the Specialized Course on Cultural Heritage, Crime and Security - Protecting our Past to Invest in our Future which will be delivered online from 14 to 18 December 2020. 

The Specialized Course will provide participants with a fundamental understanding of heritage crime and how heritage organisations, law enforcement bodies and judicial systems are responding to the issue. It is designed for university graduates in Law, Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Social Science and other relevant disciplines. It is also addressed to young professionals working in governmental institutions, local authorities, international and non-governmental organizations seeking to deepen their understanding of most salient issues faced by the international community in relation to cultural heritage, crime and security.

This course fosters intercultural dialogue and offers professional, legal, social, scientific and academic perspectives through live webinars, group discussions, dynamic case studies, individual readings, and practical exercises. 

Through a dedicated online platform, participants will have the opportunity to interact with internationally recognized experts and peers from all over the world, so to build lasting professional relationships. The Faculty is composed of leading scholars and academics from AUR and other universities, as well as international legal experts from the United Nations system, international and non-governmental organizations, and civil society. 

Early Bird Application deadline: 25 October 2020; standard Application deadline: 6 December 2020.

For further information on how to apply, entry requirements, registration fees and certificate of participation, please visit the relevant page or send a message to