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Unicri IAEA supply chain

How cutting-edge technology can reinforce the supply chain security

Geneva, Palais des Nations -


The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are jointly organizing the hybrid event Using technology to reinforce security. The meeting will be held in Geneva, at the Palais des Nations, Room XVIII on 11 November 2021, from 9:30 to 12:45 (CET).

Protecting the legitimate supply chain, especially from the infiltration of organized crime, is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted response. In this context, the role innovative technologies can play to guarantee safety and security is crucial. This means first identifying the threats to the supply chain of different products, while understanding that certain categories of products may present unique issues in terms of supply chain complexity, product authentication and vulnerability to criminal operations. This involves also working with technology experts to identify how different technology solutions can respond to the identified threats.

The meeting, organized by UNICRI and IAEA aims at sharing knowledge and raise awareness of the opportunities and benefits of new technology solutions to protect the supply chain and in particular products such as food, medicines and drugs; works of art and coins; and precious metals.

The IAEA Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications is developing and piloting innovative applications of nuclear analytical techniques to provide novel tools and methodologies aimed at supporting Member States by improving the effectiveness of forensic sciences.

UNICRI has developed a full-fledged program aimed at identifying and assessing the impact that the use and misuse of technology have for the security of Member States. Research recently conducted in this area led to the publication of a report on how technology can improve the security of the supply chain in five different areas, namely: food frauds; illegal unreported and unregulated fishing; illicit pesticides; trafficking in precious metals and fuel frauds.

The event will focus on specific case studies and experiences related to the work of IAEA and UNICRI, demonstrating the potential, capabilities and effectiveness of nuclear analytical techniques and supply chain security technologies.

Presentations from public and private stakeholders will focus on the application of technology in key

priority areas, including:

  • Chemical signatures and mass balance calculations to improve the security of the supply chain;
  • Food fraud, falsified medicines and drugs;
  • Authentication of works of art and coins;
  • Illicit trafficking of precious metals;
  • Forensic glass classification.

For more detailed information or to participate in the meeting in person or via Webex, please contact Mr. Marco Musumeci, Programme Management Officer at UNICRI: