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Public-Private large-scale simulation exercise for the protection of vulnerable targets

Lisbon -

Public–Private large-scale simulation exercise for the protection of vulnerable targets

A large-scale simulation exercise aimed at assessing security measures for the protection of vulnerable targets will take place on 9 October 2013 at the Science and Technology Park in Greater Lisbon (Portugal).

This initiative, which will involve the public and private sectors, is part of the UNICRI programme on Public-Private Partnerships for the Protection of Vulnerable Targets implemented by UNICRI in Lisbon. More specifically, this pilot project launched in 2011 in partnership with the Public Security Police of Portugal represents the first testing activity and implementation of the UNICRI/INTERPOL “Handbook to Assist the Establishment of Public-Private Partnerships to Protect Vulnerable Targets”, which serves as a guiding tool for security practitioners mainly from an organizational and communication perspective.

The project aims to promote sharing of expertise and knowledge amongst relevant stakeholders in order to enhance crime prevention and the overall perception of security in specific urban areas. The main outcomes of the project include the elaboration of joint risk/threat assessments and collaborative simulation exercises. Partners of the project are private companies and public institutions which meet regularly to discuss crime and security related issues.

The simulation exercise of 9 October 2013 will engage the Science and Technology Park and its surrounding neighbourhoods, comprising schools and communities. The exercise will last 12 hours and will include simulations of general evacuation, explosions, road accidents, tactical police interventions and hostage-taking scenarios. The pioneering initiative aims to test comprehensive procedures for the protection of vulnerable targets in urban settings and to serve as a learning experience for the entities involved. The simulation exercise, which will be assessed throughout the day by a group of technical focal points, will also serve as a case study for the development of good practices at both national and international level.

The exercise will be preceded by an Observers Meeting on 2 October. The meeting will present an opportunity to showcase the UNICRI Public-Private Partnerships Programme, as well as to broaden the platform of partners and promote similar exercises in other contexts. Representatives of public and private institutions, including private companies, managers of science and technology parks, national authorities and Embassy representatives are expected to attend.