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Inflitration of organized crime in the legal economy

Virtual course: risks and technology solutions related to organized crime infiltration into the legal economy

How organized crime can take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis?

Geneva -

On 26 June UNICRI held a virtual course on organized crime infiltration into the legal economy. from a global perspective. The lecturers of the training were Mr. Francesco Marelli, Mrs. Mariana Diaz Garcia and Mr. Marco Musumeci.

The course analysed the strategies and trends of criminal groups to infiltrate the legal economy, including the expansion of criminal groups businesses during and after the COVID-19 crisis. The course offered insights on risks and opportunities of technology solutions, in particular how Big Data Analytics technology can help to identify trends and patterns and better understand the main areas of interest for criminal organizations such as new opportunities and markets, the control exercised over the territory and the investment strategies. In particular, the training focused on how Big Data analytics and visualization can concretely contribute to monitor and combat organized crime infiltration into the legal economy and what type of technology solutions can be expected in the future.

More than 160 participants, including students, professors, representatives from governments, the law enforcement and the judiciary took part in the training.