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Environmental crime

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Illicit pesticides, organized crime and supply chain integrity

Illicit pesticides represent a lucrative activity for organized crime and a concrete threat to security, development, health and the environment, and consequently require urgent response from the national and regional authorities, as well as the international community and the United Nations.

Combating crimes that have serious impacts on the environment: state of knowledge on approaches

Environmental crime does not currently have a universally agreed upon definition, however it is regularly used to refer to almost any illegal activity that harms the environment for the (often financial) benefit of individuals, groups or companies. This can involve illegal exploitation and trafficking of natural resources, including flora and fauna, and soil and water contamination from illegal waste dumping.

A project to assess the phenomenon and design new strategies

While the demand for electronic equipment increases, so does the illegal trade and disposal of electronic waste, known as e-waste or WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment). Due to the hazardous substances contained in it, WEEE has the potential to become a huge threat to human health and environment. Additionally, it contains some metals of interest to black market actors and organized criminal groups.

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